Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dance Legend Hysteria

Hi everyone! Today I have a polish from the Dance Legend Wow Prisms line called Hysteria. It is a purply pink jelly base filled with holo shards.   From pictures I've seen of this polish, I expected it to be more of a lilac color, but on me it leaned really pink. The formula on it was thinner, so I used 3 coats for full coverage. It's a lovely polish, just not as purple as I was expecting (or maybe it is just my skintone?).

Dance Legend polishes originate from Russia and you can order direct from their website (shipping took 2 months to get to me in the US from Russia, and I've heard that is about average). They are also available from LlaroweColor4Nails, and Ninja Polish which all ship to the US and internationally. Thanks for looking everyone!

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