Tuesday, April 22, 2014

30 Day Challenge Day 22: Match Your Nails To Your Drink

Hi everyone! Today's 30 Day Challenge prompt was to match our nails to our drink. I decided on a Sonic Cherry Limeade. My husband likes to stop and bring me one as a treat sometimes. Also, the more cherries...the better. If I ever get one without cherries, I'm not a happy camper. So for the mani, I started out with a base of China Glaze Sugar High. I then painted on the cherries and lime slices with acrylic paint.


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30 Day Challenge, Day 21: Weather Insipired

Hi everyone! Today's 30 Day Challenge prompt was Weather Inspired. For my mani, I used a base of Colors by Llarowe House of Blues and then stamped with Darling Diva Polish Diamond using Bundle Monster plate BM312. For the accent nail, I used acrylic paints to freehand an umbrella. It is pretty wonky looking, but you get the picture. :) I topped it with a little bit of Darling Diva Polish's Dreamy holographic topcoat. 

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Monday, April 21, 2014

30 Day Challenge, Day 20: Easter Nails

Hi everyone! Yesterday's prompt for the 30 Day Challenge was Easter Nails. I started off with a base of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls and then used Bundle Monster H10 to stamp an Easter Egg design on top. I used Green Diamond, Rose Diamond, and Blue Diamond from Darling Diva Polish's Diamond Collection for stamping. To do the stamp, I just blobbed the color I wanted for each egg over that egg on the stamping plate (it looked like a patchwork of different colors on the plate when I was done). When I scraped, it blended the colors together at the edges of each egg and made a seamless design.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter with their families and friends! Thanks for looking!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

30 Day Challenge, Day 19: Distressed Nails

Hi everyone! Today's 30 Day Challenge prompt was Distressed Nails. I created a distressed look following this tutorial from Chalkboard Nails. I used a white base and pastels to create a springy distressed mani. American Apparel Parakeet isn't really pastel when worn alone, but the distressed technique made it look more pastel for some reason (I guess because it uses such thin coats of the polish. )I've got a list of all of the polishes I used below.


L-R: OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, American Apparel Hassid, American Apparel French Lilac, American Apparel Parakeet, Wet n Wild Teal Slowly and See


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Friday, April 18, 2014

Smitten Polish Showers and Flowers

Hi everyone! Today I have the second half of Smitten Polish's Spring 2014 Collection which creator Noelie has dubbed Showers and Flowers. This collection has three new holos and one shimmer. These will be going up for pre-sale tomorrow at 2:00 pm Central Time in Smitten Polish's Big Cartel Shop.

Radiant Orchid is a STUNNING jelly purple leaning fuchsia (orchid) linear holo. This polish knocked my socks off. The color is so saturated and wonderful. Formula was perfect and opaque in 2 easy coats.

Himalayan Blue Poppy is a creamy bright blue holo. It has such an unusual brightness for it to be a creamy holo, and it is just lovely. Formula was great and opaque in 2 easy coats. These creamy holos are a bit more holo in real life than they appear in pictures.

Frangipani is a creamy light pink holo with maybe the slightest touch of lilac. This is such a sweet and girly color and perfect for spring. Formula was the same as Himalayan Blue Poppy and I used 2 coats here. Once again, I feel like it is a bit more holo in person.

Tornado Skies is a light grey crelly with green shimmer. The shimmer is very apparent in this polish and is perfect against the grey background. I did use a touch of nail polish thinner in mine and it went on perfectly in 2 coats. I think this was a perfect addition to the spring collection because stormy skies are definitely a bit part of spring (especially here in the South, where the tornadoes and hurricanes abound this time of year).

As I said, The Smitten Polish Showers and Flowers collection is set to be released tomorrow for pre-order at 2:00 pm Central Time in Smitten Polish's Big Cartel Shop. Smitten Polish can also be purchased Femme Fatale CosmeticsEdgy Polish, and Shoppe Eclecticco. Be sure to follow Smitten Polish on Facebook and Instagram for updates on restocks and new collections. Thanks for looking everyone!

*Polishes provided for my honest review*

30 Day Challenge, Day 18: Floral Print

Hi everyone! Today's 30 Day Challenge prompt was Floral Print/Flowers. I've been following @just1nail on Instagram for ages, and she does the most beautiful and detailed flowers in her manicures. I definitely do not have her delicate touch, but this was the best I could do at imitating some of her designs. It's a lot clunkier and simple than what she does, but I really liked the way it turned out. I used OPI You're Such a BudaPest for the base (which I ADORE!) and acrylic paint for the flowers. I used a combination of a fine nail art brush and dotting tools for this look.

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I'm also participating in The Great Big Spring and Easter Blog Hop and anyone is welcome to join in and add your Spring manis! Details are here on The Sparkle Queen's blog.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

30 Day Challenge, Day 17: Brand Challenge

Hi everyone! Today's 30 Day Challenge prompt required us to use 3-4 polishes from the same brand in one mani. I did it better...I used an entire collection from one brand in one mani. I know that you guys have seen me go on and on about OPI's Brazil Collection lately so I really thought about using those polishes, but instead I reached back to another OPI Collection that I love just as much. OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Collection from Spring/Summer 2011 was probably the first complete collection that I ever owned (even the Silver Shatter, which I did not use in this mani). They are still some of my go-to cremes today.

For my mani, I utilized the Waterfall Nail Art Technique by The Nailasaurus and I think I might have used a skinnier brush than she uses in her tutorial. It was a long, skinny striping brush from a nail brush set. Since all of the colors are pastels, this was a very subtle effect, but absolutely lovely. I will definitely be doing more Waterfall Manis in the future with brighter and darker colors. I used Skull & Glossbones as my base color, and then striped with all of the other colors from the collection. I thought it was subtly springy.

T-B, L-R: OPI Sparrow Me the Drama, Planks a Lot, Stranger Tides, Steady as She Rose, Skull and Glossbones, Mermaid Tears 

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