Friday, April 11, 2014

30 Day Challenge, Day 11: Tape Mani

Hi everyone! Today's prompt in the 30 Day Challenge was Tape Mani. I really love tape manis that utilize different finishes, so I went with a super shiny base polish and a creme topper on my two middle nails. My base was Sally Hansen Celeb City (silver foil) topped with 2 coats of Indigo Bananas Clair de Lune, a super shiny silver flake polish. I then taped off my design with striping tape and applied 2 coats of KBShimmer Touch of Glass, a soft aqua creme. My other nails are all 3 thin coats of KBShimmer Touch of Glass.

KBShimmer Touch of Glass was a touch streaky on the first coat, but I found using 3 thin coats made it just perfect. I actually really love the formula/texture of creme polishes like this because I found it easy to control. It has a tiny bit of silver shimmer in it, but it doesn't really show on the nail, it just gives the overall appearance of the polish sort of an airbrushed look or something ( looks perfect.)

Here you can see Indigo Bananas Clair de Lune before I added the taped design. This polish is insanely reflective. You can see the reflection of my blue camera in my nail in the second picture! In addition to the silver flake, there are also some scattered purple flakes and holo bits. Such a gorgeous polish!

KBShimmer polishes are available from their website as well as from Harlow & Co. (Canada). Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates on new collections and to see swatches of all of their polishes.

Indigo Bananas polishes are available from their Etsy Shop as well as from Edgy Polish (Sweden) and Mei Mei's Signatures (Singapore). Be sure to follow Indigo Bananas on their official websiteFacebookInstagramPinterest, and Twitter to see many amazing swatches and keep up-to-date on new collections, restocks, etc.

Be sure to check out the other ladies in the challenge today! Thanks for looking everyone!


  1. Beautiful polishes for a pretty mani. I have loved all the KB Shimmer polishes in that collection since the first time I saw them reviewed. And, wow, that base you laid down gorgeous.

    1. Thank you! I got 4 of the cremes and the formulas are really nice! I'm probably going to get the rest of them at some point! I'm really loving cremes and nail art lately, so they are calling to me!