Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Purple Shimmer Sunday (Tuesday?): Color Club Gift of Sparkle

Hi everyone! I did actually wear this on Sunday, but I've just been lazy about posting it. I finally got my paws on Color Club Gift of Sparkle last week and I was under the (false) assumption that it was a purple jelly base with glitter and red shimmer. So that's a purple shimmer right? Well...the red shimmer is actually a super fine red glitter. Oh well...it's pretty so that counts? Right? I'm pretty much going to post purples on Sundays and beyond that...maybe it will be a shimmer. ;) This is 2 coats of Gift of Sparkle, no undies. This polish was impossible to photograph in all of its glory. It is amazing!

Thanks for looking everyone! Please check out what Kathy and Kristy are doing this week!

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