Friday, October 18, 2013

Lynnderella Glass Houses over piCture pOlish Monroe

Hi everyone! I posted my piCture pOlish Monroe mani here a few days ago, and after I wore it alone for a day I started thinking about how much I love layering glitters over scattered holos like that. So I started thinking about my stash and what would look nice over Monroe. Somehow, Lynnderella Glass Houses popped into my head. Glass Houses is a mixture of various sizes of orange glitters with tiny disco glitters throughout. I actually had this one in the swap/sell bin, but now it is back safely in my drawer. I thought this combination was so pretty and perfect for fall. So this is 1 coat of Lynnderella Glass Houses over piCture pOlish Monroe.

Lynnderella polishes can be found in her eBay store. I'm not sure if Glass Houses has been discontinued  (I thought I saw somewhere that it was going to be discontinued soon) but you if are wanting to buy it, you can probably inquire as to whether it will be restocked in the store. Thanks for looking everyone!

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