Saturday, October 26, 2013

Falling for Nail Art (Fail): Bump in the Night featuring Illamasqua Omen

Hi everyone! I almost didn't post this "Falling for Nail Art" challenge since it was a mega fail, but I loved the base color I used so I figured we could focus on that. This challenge was for Wednesday and it was "Bump in the Night" inspired. Now my grand I idea was to use the bats and creepy eyes stamps (from the Bundle Monster H08 plate) and then use OPI Black Spotted on my other nails to make them look creepy/rustic (whatever) but I guess I layered it too thick (even though I was careful to wipe most all of it off of my brush) so the spotted effect was very minimal. This makes me angry because I have used it playing around before and it worked so well! So for the final result. The stamping was cute though!

But let's talk about the base color: Illamasqua Omen. This polish is part of the limited edition Paranormal Collection and the polishes here are all UV reactive. Now unfortunately, I do not have a black light at my house, so I can't take super awesome pictures of polishes like this (or of Glow in the Dark polishes for that matter). I do think I will pick one up for the future so I can take cool pictures if I ever have polishes like this. But, I really just wanted this polish because I think it is gorgeous. I wasn't too concerned about the UV reactive part because I do no go out to clubs (but if I ever go Galaxy Bowling...I'm definitely reaching for this one...I live and exciting life). The shimmer in it reminds me very much of Illamasqua Poke. This is 2 easy coats.

In the end, I wanted to make it glow in the dark since I don't have a black light to showcase the UV reactive element of Omen, so I used 2 coats of China Glaze Ghoulish Glow over Omen. It glowed so well, but I failed at capturing it on film. I guess you really need a black light to show any sort of glow polish, even those that glow on their own in the dark.

After it was all said and done, I really wish I had just worn Illamasqua Omen by itself because it is so gorgeous and just abandoned all of the other nonsense. Oh well...c'est la vie. Thanks for looking everyone!

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  1. Man that Illamasqua is beautiful!! Shame the black spotted didn't work out on it as that would have looked fab!