Monday, October 7, 2013

Orly Sparkling Garbage over Orly Ancient Jade

Hi everyone! Ok, today I have a polish that I have heard nothing but absolute raves about all of the MakeupAlley Nail Board. Now I do adore greens like this as well as holo microglitter, so I figured it was a must have.

Orly Sparkling Garbage is a sheer jade green jelly base with loads of silver holo microglitter. Now, for me personally, I'm never going to wear a polish like this on its on. The jelly base is just too sheer for my tastes and I don't think it would ever be built up to enough opacity for me to like it as is. Now over a similar base color, I'm all for it. I layered 2 coats over Orly Ancient Jade for my mani. Now this, to me, is what I wanted it to look like when I saw it in the bottle. BUT...I feel like I could get pretty much the same look if I layered China Glaze Fairy Dust (or most any other holo microglitter in a clear base) over Orly Ancient Jade. Does that mean I love my mani any less? Absolutely not! I enjoyed the heck out of it. Do I think that Sparkling Garbage is a must have? Only if you don't have Fairy Dust or something similar to layer over a jade green of this nature.

So I guess the source of my conflicted feelings about this polish are: why the hype? It isn't like Orly reinvented the wheel with this polish. Is it pretty? Yes. Is there anything wrong with it? Absolutely not. But did it live up the hype? I think you know how I feel about that already. What are your thoughts on Orly Sparkling Garbage? Thanks for looking everyone!


  1. It's looks so sheer, I thought this one was a very dense, scattered holo topcoat. I've had chances to snap it up, but I always hesitated because I own about 5 that are similar: 2 Covergirl Goddess and 1 Piggy Polish Sunshine on Snowflakes (silver scatter holo topcoats), 1 China Glaze Angel Wings and more recently 1 Salon Perfect Champagne Toast (gold scatter holo topcoats). Do I 'need' this one? I don't think so, but since you are twisting my arm with these pictures, I don't think I can resist.


  2. I own two of Sparkling Garbage, got one at Sally sale and one at TJ Maxx in a set, deliberately as a backup I guess. I've only worn it once, over NYC Tudor City Teal, which was a great combo btw. I also have Fairy Dust and Northern Lights. *shrug* SG just looks so pretty in the bottle....

  3. This is my favourite combo using Sparkling Garbage - looks awesome! :)