Friday, November 23, 2012

Jade Magia Negra and Jade Vermelho Surreal

Everyone needs some rainbows to light up Black Friday, right? What about black rainbows? Yes, I think those are in order. I had to work today so I did zero shopping, but I thought I would participate with my nails at least so black rainbows it was.

This is two easy coats of Jade Magia Negra. So pretty!! It is an amazing black holo polish. And as with all of the Jades, it does not require and sort of special base coat and isn't chippy.

A week or two ago I wore Jade Vermelho Surreal so I thought I would share that one with you as well while I'm at it. This one is so amazing! I love the shade of red. And I also found out that Jade holos are magical under football stadium lights. I wish I had a picture of how amazing this mani looked that night under the lights!! It was awesome! This is also two easy coats.
I've got some comparisions for you to hopefully help you slay some hard to find lemmings.
From L-R: OPI My Private Jet, Jade Magia Negra, Ozotic 518, Jade Vermelho Surreal
As you can see, the Jades are actually more holo than either the OPI or Ozotic. And I actually love the richer red of the Jade as compared to the Ozotic. So if you are in the market for either of these HTF pretties, I highly recommend the Jades.
Jade holos are available from Llarowe and I am slowly but surely collecting them all. They are must haves for holo lovers in my opinion. Thanks for looking everyone!


  1. sadly missing a black linear in my life! magia is a great one

    1. Oh yes! If you are looking for a black holo, jump on this one! It is fantastic!

  2. Dude, isn't it just about the best black holo ever??? And it looks SO fab on you! <3

    1. Yes yes! Although I do have some pretty fav black holos from some pretty fab people <3