Sunday, August 25, 2013

Purple Shimmer Sunday: OPI Muir Muir on the Wall

Hi everyone! I made a special nail polish (and pizza) run earlier in the week to pick up two OPIs from the San Francisco Collection: Muir Muir on the Wall and Alcatraz...Rocks. I couldn't wait to pull out this baby for Purple Shimmer Sunday. Don't forget to check out what Kathy and Kristy have going on this week!

Muir Muir on the Wall is a plummy purple polish that has a subtle gold duochrome shift. It is quite beautiful with wonderful shimmer. It goes on a bit patchy with the first coat because it is slightly sheer, but a second coat evens it right out. I chose to do 3 thin coats for good measure.


Kathy actually asked me how Muir Muir on the Wall compared to an older, hard to find OPI called Black Tie Optional because it has been rumored that they are similar. I decided to do a little comparison for you guys. Well the good news is, they are pretty close AND I actually much prefer Muir Muir on the Wall because the shimmer is much more prominent. Now, they are definitely not dupes (Black Tie Optional is a little more purple and darker), but I think Muir Muir on the Wall would go far to satisfy a Black Tie Optional lemming if you happen to have one.

Muir Muir on the Wall on middle and pinky finger, Black Tie Optional on pointer and ring finger.

I have to say that I am not to enthused with OPI's San Francisco Collection as a whole, but this one is definitely worth picking up (along with Alcatraz...Rocks). Thanks for looking everyone!