Sunday, August 18, 2013

Purple Shimmer Sunday: Make Up Store Lava over China Glaze Let's Groove

Hi everyone! Today I have a gorgeous purple shimmer for you that I covered up with flakies. :D China Glaze Let's Groove is a fantastic polish in its own right and deserves wonderful pictures, but unfortunately it bubbled when I put it on and thus I got no decent pictures of it before the flakies went on. Trust me when I is amazing. If you don't believe me...check out Kristy's pics of it here!

Be sure to check out what Kathy and Kristy have going on for Purple Shimmer Sunday as well!

Now what do I do if I have a bubbly mani? I add glitter or flakies of course! They solve all bubbling issues in an instant. I pulled out a gorgeous flakie that was gifted to me by some dear friends for my birthday: Make Up Store Lava. This flakie has a purple tinted base with red/green color shifting flakies as well as some scattered blue/purple color shifting shimmer. It is stunning! This is 2 coats over China Glaze Let's Groove.

The Make Up Store flakies are now discontinued as far as I know, so I am so thankful to my friends for gifting me a set of them for my birthday! <3 Thanks for looking everyone!!


  1. This layering is gorgeous! I love dark flakies over lilac polishes in autumn.

    1. Thank you! I agree...they remind me of leaves!

  2. What a stunning combo! I am so thrilled you like Lava ;)