Sunday, August 4, 2013

CrowsToes I Make the Path and Wet N Wild Listening to Blue Reed

Hi everyone! I don't know if any of you guys tuned in to the craziness on CrowsToes Facebook page yesterday afternoon, but creator Lauri announced a new collection and tortured us slowly for hours with at a time. She is evil like that! But OMG...I'm so excited for these new releases! If you haven't seen them, be sure to check them out! The frenzy got me hankering for a good ole CrowsToes glitter bomb so I pulled out I Make the Path. I think it is one of my very few (there may be one more) untried CrowsToes polishes. I purchased this polish waaay back when CrowsToes just got started, and it is one of the really dense, thick glitter polishes that requires dabbing. This is 1 dabbed coat of I Make the Path over Wet N Wild Listening to Blue Reed. Also...I accidentally put some topcoat on that needed thinning and bubbles ensued. You can't always win...

Here is Wet N Wild Listening to Blue Reed on its own. This is another winner from the Pop Art collection. This is 2 easy coats. It is also a unique blue creme in my stash, surprisingly. I would say it is a smidge darker in real life. I found this at Walgreens recently in the summer 2013 Pop Art display. 

CrowsToes polishes are available from Llarowe, Overall Beauty, and Femme Fatale Cosmetics. Thanks for looking everyone! 

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