Monday, September 17, 2012

Hits GRAACC Swatches

I recently received the Hits GRAACC collection to swatch and review and I wanted to share those with you guys today. This collection contains 5 glass flecked polishes in bright, summery colors. I found them all to be unique in my collection and very lovely. Another great thing about this collection is that it was created for a great cause. Hits is donating a portion of the proceeds from the collection to the GRAACC which is an organization in Brazil that raises awareness and helps to fund research for childhood cancer.

First up is Pega-pega, a red leaning purple jelly with glass flecks. This was 3 coats. The glass flecked shimmer within this polish almost looks like it is glowing pink within. A super pretty polish.

Next is Cirandinha, a vibrant hot pink jelly with glass flecks. This was 3 coats. This polish was so much brighter and gorgeous in real life. It is a real stunner. The glass fleck shimmer in these polishes is amazing! In this one in particualr, the flecks make it really glowy.

Next is Gato-mia. This is a vibrant blue jelly with glass flecks. This was 3 coats (although this was the most opaque of the collection). This polish is awesome! It almost looks metallic the shimmer is so vibrant. This was hands down my favorite of the collection.

Next is Cabra-cega. It is a lime green jelly with glass flecks. This was 3 coats. It was the sheerest of the collection and some people might even prefer 4 coats if you want more opacity (depends on how thick your coats are.)

Last is Queimada. It is an orange jelly with glass flecks. This was 3 coats. This one was my least favorite of the collection simply because it wasn't the best color with my skintone (reddish oranges tend to work better on me) but it was a nice polish for anyone who can pull off the color.

Overall, I really liked this collection. The glass flecked finish of these polishes was just to die for and the colors were really bright and fun. Also, I would say that these are the best Hits brushes I have found so far so kudos to Hits for listening to our complaints about previous brushes! They were a little sheer (3 coaters for me), but I think that the payoff is worth it! My top picks from the collection are Gato-mia, Pega-pega, and Cirandinha.

These are available from Llarowe for $6.00 each. What do you think of these polishes?

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