Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This Earth Matters MORE!

So my hugest lemming is Sparitual Earth Matters...but this stuff is SO hard to find. You can't even find it on ebay for exhorbitant prices, you just plain cannot find it anywhere! My friend Xilde knew that I have been wanting this polish for ages so she made me this glorious franken. It is just STUNNING!!

This is 1 coat of the gorgeousness over Zoya Ivanka.

Here is Zoya Ivanka on its own. It is gorgeous by itself!

*Swoon* It may not be the real thing...but it is pretty darn amazing! I will continue on my quest for Earth Matters, but for now this is a worthy polish to have in its place! Thanks for looking!


  1. Very pretty! I'd buy Xildie's brand in a heartbeat!


  2. OMG this is absolutely gorgeous!!! I didn't know Earth Matters was so HTF, so now I of course feel the need to own it lol.

  3. I swooned over this on the NB and I'm swooning over it now. So, so gorgeous.

  4. omgahhhh that franken is amazinggggg! *ded*