Saturday, September 14, 2013

Zoya Arabella

Today I have another polish from Zoya's Fall Pixie Dust line called Arabella. If you remember, I reviewed Miranda last month and Arabella is everything I wish Miranda had been. It is a deeper, more fuchsia leaning pink while Miranda is lighter and a more rosy pink. I also love that Arabella has pink glitter in it in addition to the silver glitter which adds more depth and sparkle. It dries down to a sparkly matte finish and has complete coverage at two coats. Formula was great and consistent with the other Pixie Dust polishes I have used.

These first few pics are in the shade.

These pictures were taken right at sunset so you could see the sparkle. So pretty!

I picked these up from but they are also available at Ulta. Thanks for looking everyone!

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