Wednesday, May 1, 2013

CrowsToes Green Thumb of Doom

Green Thumb of Doom...that sounds like a good name for my gardening skills. That or black thumb. Either way...stuff just dies when I try to grow it. CrowsToes Green Thumb of Doom, another polish from the springTHIS Collection, is a green jelly with shimmering golden microflakes throughout. It is stunning! For my mani I layered 2 coats of Green Thumb of Doom over L'Oreal Creme de Mint.

Look how perfectly they match!

CrowsToes polishes, including the springTHIS Collection, are available from Llarowe and Overall Beauty. Thanks for looking everyone!!

*product provided for my honest review


  1. Ooh, the Loreal color is gorgeous!


  2. Love this! the glassfleck effect kinda reminds me of Zoya Apple, but the base color is so much more interesting, thanks for sharing! :)