Thursday, January 3, 2013

Advent Calendar Challenge Day 24: Redo Your Favorite Challenge

So I decided to redo the movie challenge since I didn't have time to do what I really wanted for that one when that day rolled around. I did a completely crazy and non-wearable mani to represent my favorite Christmas movie: Home Alone. So for each of my nails, I chose to use one of the booby traps that Kevin used on the burglers in the movie.

Thumb: Tarred and feathered ( is really glue and feathers in the movie...but same difference)
Pointer: The "M" imprint left on Harry's hand after he grabbed the burning hot monogrammed doorknob
Middle: Blow Torch used on Harry's head
Ring: Buzz's pet tarantula that crawled on Marv's face
Pinky: Nail that Marv steps on on the staircase

Thanks for sticking with me during this challenge! I had fun doing it but it was really hard to get done during the busy Christamas season. Hope you guys enjoyed! 

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