Friday, December 14, 2012

Some Non-Christmas Mani Spam!

Well...maybe a few of them are red...but that's ok, right? ;)

First up is one I did a little while back. This is OPI Man of La Mancha over Pretty Serious Poltergeist Puddle. This was SO pretty! I loved it!

Here is Poltergeist Puddle on its own. This is one difficult polish to photograph. It wants to photograph more blue than it actually is...but it has an abundance of pink and blue shimmer in it. The first picture is probably the most color accurate...but it still isn't just right. 

Next is Cult Nails Annalicious. I have so many pretty reds that I can't resist wearing them during Christmas...though they don't represent any particular day of the Advent Calendar Challenge. 

Next up I happened to purchase Layla Ceramic Effect #52 (aka The Butterfly Effect) from Ulta when they put out the new displays. It is very dupey to Nfu-Oh 51, but the purple jelly base is a touch more opaque. This is 2 coats over Barry M Indigo.

This is Barry M Indigo on its own. It is just perfect! It is so vibrant. Hard to photograph accurately too...purples like this often are. 

Next up is Zoya Fei Fei. This one has so much pretty going on. So many different colored shimmers in the base. They are really hard to pick up in photographs, but they are beautiful in real life. 

Oooh and here is a fun one for you...what do you do when you forget to take pictures of your mani? Well you take silly iPhone shots of course! This is one of my absolute favorite red cremes, OPI Red Hot Ayers Rock. Well look at is featured with my favorite beverage!

I was disappointed with this picture, but I did the mani and picture in a rush one day. This is in my top 20 and I wanted to get a new photo of it. This is OPI Diva of Geneva. It will always hold a special place in my heart. 

This polish just made it into my Indie top 20 by a hair. I wore it for the first time days before submissions were due and it stole my heart. This is Enchanted Polish Octopus Garden. I wore it for a few days because I couldn't make myself take it off. I discovered something else too...these polishes do not need black undies! When I reviewed the new Beatles polishes a few months back, I layered them all over black because I assumed they would be similar to the Ozotic Mish Mash polishes and pop over black. I was SO wrong. This is 2 coats, no undies. Color me impressed. I love these Beatles polishes even more now! I didn't have any sun so I didn't get any good pics of the holo in these, but it is there!

And last but not least is Darling Diva Polish Seriously Serious. This polish is also SO hard to photograph (are you sensing a theme in this post? LOL!). It is a micro green and purple holograhic glitter polish. This is 1 coat over black. In real life, it has an overall purple look with splashes of green. You barely see the black undies, but they make the purple and green pop. The black polish shows up in pictures more than it does in real life. did you enjoy that little spamfest? I figured you might need a little break from Christmas related stuff so I hope you liked it! Thanks for looking everyone!

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  1. Is it creepy if I am licking my monitor because of these pics right now? lol >.>