Monday, November 17, 2014

Zoya Wishes Collection

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Today I have the Zoya Wishes Collection to share with you. This set contains 6 new additions to the Zoya line including 1 creme, 1 shimmer, 1 metallic, and 3 new additions to the Magical PixieDust line.
Willa is a shiny black creme. The creme formula was excellent and it bulit up nicely in two coats. It had a good thickness to it so it wasn't runny and was easy to control. Also, it has Zoya's brush which is one of my absolute favorite brushes around (I find I have to do less clean-up with Zoya, as a brand, because their brush works so perfectly for my nails). All-around, a great black creme to have in your collection.

Haven is a warm plummy purple shimmer. I used 3 thin coats for this one. Formula was fine, but I found it worked best using thin coats or it tended to pool and get gloppy. It had very minimal brushstrokes once it was dry, but they really weren't noticeable (it looked more glowy than brushstroke-y). I love the warm glow this polish has. It's not super unique, but it is a pretty purple shimmer.

Prim is an icy blue metallic. This is a chromy metallic, so it is very brushstroke prone when applied normally (I know there are some methods of sponging these on with a makeup sponge that makes them look really smooth). Aside from brushstrokes, the formula applied really nicely in 2 coats. Metallic polishes like this aren't my favorite when worn in their intended fashion (vs stamping, which I will get to in a minute), but I must say I really like the ice blue color in this finish for a winter polish. It is a great fit in a winter collection.

Although Prim isn't my favorite when worn as a regular polish, I adore it as a stamping polish. I love using metallics for stamping because they give a really crisp stamp, and Prim is no exception. Here I stamped some snowflakes (using Bundle Monster BM-H02) over Zoya Dovima, and then topcoated it. I would love for Zoya to come out with this finish in all different colors just so I could purchase them for stamping.

The next three polishes are all the new Magical PixieDusts. If you will remember, the previous polishes in the Magical PixieDust line have colored jelly bases with large and small silver holographic glitters and texture bits. These polishes dry down to a sugary matte textured finish. Well these three new additions to the line do indeed have colored bases and silver holo glitter, but they do not seem to have the texture bits in them at all and they don't dry down to a matte sugary finish. They almost just seem like jelly glitters without topcoat if they are left in their intended state (no topcoat). I do really like them if you treat them like traditional jelly glitters and topcoat them, and also when you add matte topcoat to them, so I have shown all of these polishes in those three ways. Formula was very similar across the board on these. They spread easily and had great coverage at 3 thin coats.  

Thea is an amethyst purple Magical PixieDust. It is shown here at 3 thin coats. This one looks like it may even have a few pink holo glitters floating around, but that could just be a trick of colored base. This one is so pretty with topcoat and matte!

(no topcoat, after drying 30 minutes)

(with topcoat)

(with matte topcoat)

Imogen is a black Magical PixieDust. It is shown here at 3 thin coats. I would say that this one has the most textured look of the three because it seems to have more glitter in the base. Without topcoat, it sort of has a glittered asphalt look. I think it looks really nice with topcoat and with matte topcoat, like Thea.

(no topcoat, after drying for 30 minutes)

(with topcoat)


Nori is a sapphire blue Magical PixieDust. It is shown here at 3 thin coats. I adore blue jellies with holo glitters, and this is a beautiful one (especially with topcoat and matted, just like the other two).

(without topcoat, after drying 30 minutes)

(with topcoat)


Overall, my favorites are definitely Nori and Thea (I really love them with topcoat). I'm a bit disappointed that they don't have the sugary matte texture, because I would have really loved that even more. I also think Willa is a great black creme if you are looking for one with a great formula and I adore Prim for stamping.

Zoya polishes are available at and other retailers that carry Zoya polishes. Be sure to follow Zoya on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for updates on new collections and deals. The Zoya Wishes Collection is available in stores and online now. 

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