Wednesday, November 26, 2014

CrowsToes Winter Trio (Plus Repromotes!)

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Today I have the beautiful new Winter Trio from CrowsToes to share with you. I'm so excited for some glitterbombs because CrowToes has them down to an art! Along with this trio, there are two returning favorites from her past Christmas collections that will be available again this year exclusively at Llarowe. All of these will be launching next week at Llarowe (exact dates and times TBA, please follow Llarowe on Facebook to get full details), and the trio will soon be available at other CrowsToes distributors.

Her Goose Got Iced has light and medium blue as well as silver glitters in a clear base. Formula was great and with great glitter density. For these swatches, I used 1 coat (with a little dabbing) over the base colors. I used a light blue and a dark blue for my base choices and they both looked awesome! This polish is the sister polish (and exact opposite) to the previously released Her Goose Got Cooked from the Christmas 2012 collection which was all warm copper, bronze, and pink glitters.

(1 coat over Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream)

(1 coat over OPI Road House Blues)

Walk the Peacock has blue, teal, aqua, and fuchsia glitters in a clear base. Formula was very nice with this one with excellent glitter density. I used 1 coat over my base colors for these swatches. This polish is my favorite from the new collection and I could see it used over purples, blues, greens, teals, and pinks. I thought it looked really cool over both of these base choices (and really peacock-ish over the teal!).

(1 coat over Essie Play Date)

(1 coat over Sally Hansen Fairy Teal)

Mad Money is a holographic silver glitterbomb. It is like an all silver version of the silver and gold Maxxed Out from the Christmas 2012 Collection. Formula and glitter load were great on this one and I got great coverage in 1 coat (with some dabbing). I've been wanting an all silver glitter from CrowsToes, and this one is just perfect! It would look great over pretty much any color, so I chose to show it over red and green for Christmas!

(1 coat over OPI Red Hot Ayers Rock)

(1 coat over Revlon Emerald)

Jingle Balls (Llarowe Exclusive) is a clear based Christmas tree glitter bomb that has green, red, blue, silver, and gold glitters, including scattered bar glitters and stars. Formula is great on this one and the glitter spread out nicely and easily with just a little dabbing. It is the quintessential holiday polish, and I just adore it. This polish was originally released in the Christmas 2012 collection.

(1 coat over OPI My Dogsled is a Hybrid)

(1 coat over Illamasqua Elope)

Star glitter! Eeeee!!

Merry Kiss.Me.A@#! (Llarowe Exclusive) is a black jelly with tons of gold flake shimmer and red glitters. Formula spreads smoothly and easily and it builds up nicely in 3 thin coats. The red glitters are quite subtle in this, but they pop out here and there when they catch and light and add depth to the polish. This one is a re-promote from last Christmas.

CrowsToes polishes are available at Llarowe (US), Overall Beauty (US), Atouts Charme (France),Maria Gastadeira (Brazil), Norway Nails (Norway), Femme Fatale Cosmetics (Australia), and Rainbow Connnection (UK). Be sure to follow CrowsToes on Facebook and Instagram as well as on creator Lauri's Blog for all updates and details about new collections. 

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