Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Delush Polish Scream Supreme Collection

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Hi everyone! Today I have a new to me indie brand that I have been admiring for awhile, Delush Polish. I was so excited to get the Scream Supreme Collection for review, which was Delush's Halloween release that is based on the show American Horror Story. I have never watched the show because I'm a little leery of scary things, but my friends bug me all the time about it and insist that I should just take the plunge and watch it anyway. Let's take a look at this fab collection of glittery jellies and if you are like me (clueless), you can get some rudimentary knowledge of AHS along the way courtesy of the handy dandy AHS Wiki so you will know the inspirations behind these gorgeous polishes.
Murder House is a black jelly with white and red holo glitters. Formula was great with a good glitter load and distribution. I used 3 thin coats for this mani. I love the color combo here so much and the occasional large dot glitter that you can see peeking through the black base. This polish was inspired by season one of AHS which is referred to as Murder House. A lot of the advertising for that season used really graphic black, red, and white imagery, so this polish fits it perfectly. And of course, since it is a juicy jelly, I had to matte it too (I matted most of these, actually).


Rubberman is a black jelly with blue, turquoise, and gunmetal holo hexes. This one dark and mysterious and the glitters just peek through at different angles to provide extra depth. Formula was fantastic and I used 3 thin coats for this mani. I love this interpretation of a black polish with a twist with the mysterious glitters twinkling subtly in the base. This polish was inspired by the Rubber Man character that I do indeed remember from the commercials for the first season of creepy! I liked this one best shiny, but it still looked pretty cool matte.


A Night in the Asylum is a turquoise jelly with blue and turquoise holo and matte glitters including large turquoise dots. This one had a great formula that started out sheer and built up nicely in 3 thin coats. I thought it had the perfect smattering of large dots throughout the polish. I also love that even though the base is turquoise, it kept with the "horror" theme by remaining a bit murky. This polish was inspired by the second season of AHS called Asylum. Again, this one looks awesome matte!


Bitchcraft is a black jelly with a variety of pink glitters including large holo pink dots. Glitter load was great and formula spread smoothly and easily with this one. I used 3 thin coats for this mani. I felt like there were just the right amount of the large dots in this one to give you an accent here and there and not overwhelm the polish (as large glitters can do sometimes). This polish was inspired by the first episode of Coven, the third season of AHS.


The Supreme is a deep red jelly with red holo and iridescent glitters. Beautiful formula on this one and it built up nicely in 3 thin coats. The iridescent glitters are the perfect touch to this polish and they look dreamy against the vampy base. This polish was inspired by the Supreme Witch of the Salem Coven in AHS Coven.


Misty Day is a swampy green jelly with multicolored dot glitters in blue, pink, purple, green, and silver. Great formula with a good distribution of glitters (I liked the variety of colors that you got on each nail). This built up nicely in 3 thin coats. This was inspired by a witch in AHS Coven that lived in a swamp, so I think that it is a perfect match. Swampy perfection!


Freak Show Spectacle is a deep purple jelly with multicolored microglitters in a variety of colors including red, blue, white, and bronze (and I'm sure there are more in there!). Formula was fantastic with the perfect amount of glitter and built up nicely in 3 thin coats. This was one of my favorites for sure! This polish was inspired by the fouth and current season of AHS called Freak Show, which look so SO creepy based on commercials I have seen. I think I might be able to watch the other seasons, but I dunno about this one! *runs from scary clowns* This is the only one that I forgot to matte for you because I wore it to work and then completely forgot about it until I was editing pictures!

In my package, there was a "Scratch Your Heart Out" card, and these come with each order. These are super cool because with each one you have the opportunity to win one of these awesome rewards:

- 10% to 50% Off your next order 

- Free Shipping 
- Buy One Get One 
- Free Mini Delushie of your choice 
- Name the next Delush Polish! 
- Name the next Delush Polish Collection! 

Also, Delush has a rewards program where you earn 10 points for every dollar spent after you create an account on their website, which will add up to give you benefits like free shipping, savings on polishes, and even free polishes. Be sure to check out the rewards program page for full details.

Delush Polish can be purchased from their online shop as well as from these authorized retailers. Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest for product updates.

What do you think of these beauties? I know that Delush has just gained a new fan in me after trying them for the first time! So many favorites! Thanks for looking everyone!

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