Saturday, November 8, 2014

CANVAS Lacquer Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

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Hi everyone! Today I have CANVAS Lacquer's Fall/Winter 2014 Collection to share with you! This collection contains 4 complex and beautiful shades. I love that creators Alana and Lan took inspiration from things that are very personal to their fall/winter experience in and around Toronto, so they have a very unique collection.

Harbourfront Skate Night is a black jelly filled with multicolored, softly shifting flakies and white microglitter. I found the formula on this one to be really easy to work with and it built up very nicely to opacity in 3 thin coats. I just loved this inspiration for this polish: distant lights reflected in the ice on dark wintry nights. That sounds beautiful and terrifying for my lowly south Alabama self! I think it totally captures that inspiration.

And holy matteness! It is just amazing with matte topcoat added.

Brickworks Hike is my absolute favorite of the collection! This is a brick red jelly with brown microglitter and red holo, dark yellow, apricot, and large yellow glitters. Formula was fantastic and had full coverage at 3 thin coats. The red is such a perfect rusty brick color and the glitter looks like jewels shining out of the jelly.

And how great is it matte? *dreamy sigh* I just love this polish!

Nuit Blanche All Nighter is a purple jelly (I say verging on blurple) with small white, silver, and blue holographic hexes with larger turquoise hexes. Formula was easy to work with and built up nicely to opacity in 3 thin coats. I do have to note that in my bottle, the larger turquoise hexes were curling a bit. I notified Alana and Lan about this issue (they are such awesome ladies!) and they are looking into it. So far they have not noted this happening in their stock bottles and no other swatchers (that they know of) have noted this issue, so it could be an isolated incident with my bottle. I will say, despite the curl of the glitters, the jelly base is really smooth and there was no bumpiness or problems once I added topcoat. It's still a beautiful polish, and hopefully the issue was isolated.

ETA: CANVAS Lacquer has decided to pull this from their line right now and work on reformulation of this polish due to the curling glitters. Hopefully they can find a replacement for the faulty glitter and make this one again, because it is gorgeous! Here is their post about it.

And following suit with the other jellies, I had to matte this one too! MATTE ALL THE JELLIES!

Yorkville Splurge is a mix of copper hexes, matte white and blue glitters, rose gold squares and a holographic sparkle in a clear base. This one is meant to be a topper, so I layered 2 coats over Barry M Guava. Formula was very nice and it spread smoothly and easily. I love LOVE the combination of colors in this one so much! it is a gorgeous and unique topper.

CANVAS Lacquer is available from Alana and Lan's Etsy Shop. Follow their blog and Twitter for new brand info and to see more swatches. The Fall/Winter 2014 Collection is available now for purchase! Thanks for looking everyone!

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