Wednesday, November 5, 2014

CYNA Halloween: Classic Villains and Inspired by a Movie/TV Show

*Nothing to Disclose*

Hi everyone! I had to go out of town at the end of last week and had to bake a WHOLE BUNCH OF STUFF for a bake sale before I left, but I did do manis for the last two challenge prompts for Challenge Your Nail Art. I wore my Frankenstein mani on Halloween and my Hocus Pocus inspired mani the day before. Better late than never I here is one final dose of Halloween for you guys!

First up is my "Classic Villain" mani, and I chose Frankenstein's monster. I actually wore a similar mani last year on Halloween, so I guess I'm just keeping with tradition. It's not the most original design, but I still love it. For the base, I wore Pahlish Serpiente Verde (Bespoke Batch) and then I painted on the details with black and white acrylic paint. Definitely not my best work as I was a little rushed and delirious at this point from baking all the things, but it was still cute!

Next is my/ mani "Inspired by a Movie/TV Show". I do not love horror movies, so naturally my favorite Halloween movie is Hocus Pocus. For this mani, I was inspired by the magic spellbook that the Sanderson sisters are trying to get their hands on throughout half of the movie (" Booooook! Come to mummy!"). I started out with a base of Pahlish La Derniere Reine and then dabbed on Zoya Nyssa using Saran wrap. I painted on the other details of the design using acrylic paint and FingerPaints Glitz & Glam for the silver detail. I wore it matte, but here I showed you how it looked both shiny and matte. I really loved how this turned out, even if it might not be instantly recognizable to everyone.



I really enjoyed this challenge and I can't wait to complete the one for this month! Hopefully you guys didn't mind the late Halloween stuffs! Thanks for looking!

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