Friday, July 19, 2013

Two Scattered Holos: Ozotic 624 and L.A. Girl Dazzling Pink

So I guess you guys have figured out by now that I'm totally obsessed with large particle scattered holos. I want them ALL! Today I have two to share with you, one that I've had for ages and one that I acquired quite recently.

Ozotic 624 is a large particle purple scattered holo. It is a bit less vibrant of a purple than Zoya Aurora (I prefer Aurora I think). This is 2 coats. It isn't an "in your face" holo effect, but it is beautiful and glowy. Ozotic polishes are available from piCture pOlish as well as from Llarowe.

L.A. Girl Dazzling Pink. This is a juicy pink jelly with large particle scattered holo. This is a bit more red toned than piCture pOlish Shocked! (which is a true bright pink) and the holo particles are more dense. I enjoyed this polish SO much when I was wearing it. I get my L.A. Girl polishes from Rite Aid and online at Cherry Culture. They have quickly become my favorite drugstore brand bar none.


Thanks for looking everyone!

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