Friday, October 12, 2012

Some Dollish Polish Mario Swatches: Dino-mite Yoshi and Toad-ally Awesome

Hi everyone! I am a total Mario freak, so when Dollish Polish annouced their Super Mario Collection, I knew I had to own them all. I bought them all before I had even seen swatches, but luckily, they are super pretty! Here are some manis I did with two of the polishes from that collection.

First up is Dino-mite Yoshi. This polish is a mix of large soft yellow matte hexes, matte pink squares, small matte white glitter, small metallic green hexes, and pink and gold metallic microglitter in a clear base. It isn't a particularly dense glitter polish when compared to some other indies I own, but this is 1 (dabbed) coat over OPI Stranger Tides. I also find that the Dollish Glitters I have tried don't need Gelous to smooth them. I typically just use two coats of my regular topcoat, NYC Grand Central Station and my manis are smooth.

Up next I have Toad-ally Awesome over China Glaze First Mate. This polish has white, red, and blue matte glitter (although I wish there were more blue matte squares), small metallic yellow gold glitter, and dark blue metallic microglitter in a clear base. I found the formula and application very similar to Dino-mite Yoshi (although I think I used 2 coats of this over my base color).

I've also worn A Peachy Princess from this collection and really enjoyed it, but my pictures turned out awful, so I will reswatch it for you guys one day. These polishes can be purchased from Llarowe and from Dollish's Big Cartel Shop when it is stocked. Thanks for looking!


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  1. love the layering combinations you choose! that looks like a great collection :)