Monday, October 29, 2012

CrowsToes Purple People Eater

Today I have CrowsToes Purple People Eater for you. This is another polish from the Halloween collection. This is a gorgeous mix of smaller purple and blue glitters with a splash of green. Now I wore this once with Sally Hansen Purple Pizzazz as the base, but it would not photgraph AT ALL! It looked really pretty in person, but totally washed out in photographs. For this mani I swatched it over light blurple cream, Hot Looks BMX Bandit. Purple People Eater had a great formula and when on very smoothly. This is 1 coat over BMX Bandit.

Here are some pictures of the mani that I did with Purple People Eater over Sally Hansen Purple Pizzazz. As you can totally gets washed out in pictures but I thought it looked great in person (Purple Pizzazz is always a beast to photograph). 

I'm really loving these smaller glitters lately. I actually have some more coming up for you guys from Shimmer Polish. Chunky glitters are great, but these smaller glitters are a nice change. CrowsToes polishes are available from Llarowe as well as from Overall Beauty. Thanks for looking everyone!