Monday, June 22, 2015

Multichrome Mondays: Ozotic 521 and "Kids"

Hi everyone! Today I have my second addition of Multichrome Mondays. Today's polishes are a bit more diverse than my last group, but I have so many polishes that loosely fall into this "family" that I thought I would include them all in my comparison post so that you can truly see which ones are dupey and which ones aren't even close. As far as I know, this particular family did not have a dupe in the Sally Hansen Nail Prisms range, but instead it originated in the Ozotic range (including Chemistry and Artform brands, which were all part of the Ozotic company). If you are newer to the nail polish world, you might not realize that these three brand names were all from the same Australian company so the corresponding numbered polishes from each company were all dupes. In the case of this polish, there was even another Ozotic polish that was a dupe for it (see More Nail Polish's comparison post here). I've learned a lot about multichrome polishes from More Nail Polish's blog through the years, so you can always check out her full Ozotic/Chemistry/Artform guide because it is an excellent resource.

Color Shift: Warm Purple/Maroon/Bronze

Parent Polish: Ozotic 521 (Sunset)

Other Polishes Included:
Enchanted Polish Yesterday, ILNP Undenied, Nubar Moon Eclipse (aka Moon Shadow), Cover Girl Purplexed, Nubar Iris Dust, Nubar Purple Beach, China Glaze No Plain Jane

Other Polishes With This Pigment: Artform/Chemistry/Ozotic 508 are similar, ILNP Undenied (H) is a holo version

Base Color/Opacity: 

As far as opacity, these all started out sheer at one coat and I didn't seen any that were markedly more opaque than the others. At 3 coats, I found they all reached a pretty nice opacity (which, honestly is great for the Ozotic because they tend to need to be layered over black because they are so sheer) and the colors are a lot more vivid. In the end, the most opaque polishes were Enchanted Polish Yesterday, Ozotic 521, ILNP Undenied, and Nubar Purple Beach. The others were a bit sheerer, but you could get away with wearing them on their own (I don't think I showed this as well here, but just trust me).

When you look at Ozotic 521 (parent) it has a warm reddish purple base which I would almost describe as a berry color. ILNP Undenied has almost an identical base color as does Enchanted Polish Yesterday, though the added holo makes it look more washed out. Nubar Moon Eclipse and Cover Girl Purplexed are very close as well, but not quite as vivid. You can already see that Nubar Iris Dust, Nubar Purple Beach, and China Glaze No Plain Jane are going to be out of the running for dupes already because the aren't really close to the parent at all, but like I said, I just threw them in to see how they stacked up since they had purple to bronzey gold shifts. I also included Nubar Iris Dust because I've heard people ask how it compared to Moon Eclipse in the past and you can see they are quite different with Iris Dust having a pinker base.

Color Shift:

As you can see, the Ozotic 521 shifts to a very orangey bronze and ILNP Undenied has an almost identical shift. Enchanted Polish Yesterday has the same shift, but it looks a bit lighter due to the holo pigment. None of the rest of these polishes have a similar shift to the parent polish, but Nubar Moon Eclipse and Cover Girl Purplexed look very similar with a shift to a blackened gold. The last three are nowhere near the parent polish or each other, so once again we can see they definitely don't fall in the dupe category with any of the polishes shown here.

In addition to the the Sally Hansen Burgundy Orchid family (which I discussed last week) and the Ozotic 521 family, there is another set of purple-based multichromes that we will be discussing soon that are similar to these (parent is Ozotic 504). That pigment is much more widely available, especially in the indie polish realm these days so there will be a lot more choices when it comes to dupes for that set (ex: KBShimmer Pigment of My Imagination, Girly Bits I Hit My Bunny Phone, ILNP Cygnus Loop). I just wanted to point out that these three purple-based multichrome families may seem similar, but when you see them side by side they definitely are not. Here I have a comparison of Sally Hansen Burgundy Orchid, Ozotic 521, and Ozotic 504 to show you the differences in these three color shifts.

So do we have any dupes here? Well, we definitely determined that I had a few outliers in my collection that don't really belong with this color family, but I think we found a pretty good dupe for Ozotic 521 in ILNP Undenied (or even Enchanted Polish Yesterday for a holo version). Since the Enchanted Polish is a bit hard to find, I would like to note that ILNP has a holo version of Undenied which is in stock now, so that's an even better option. Surprisingly, I also found that Nubar Moon Eclipse is quite dupey for Cover Girl Purplexed, so that's a great option for the long discontinued Cover Girl (though these definitely aren't dupes for the parent polish).

As I said last time, if you know of any other polishes that might fall into this multichrome family, just let me know in the comments and I'll look into them! Thanks for looking everyone!

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