Monday, June 8, 2015

CrowsToes Last Light for July's A Box, Indied

*Press Sample*

Hi everyone! Today I have CrowsToes' addition to July's A Box, Indied. The theme for July is Summer Daze, and there will be 4 other contributors to the box besides CrowsToes, but I'm unsure who they are at this point, so stay tuned to Llarowe's Facebook page for more details on the other pretties that will be included in the box along with exact launch dates and times (it typically launches on the 26th of each month).

CrowsToes Last Light is a metallic royal purple with heavy blue shimmer and red flecks.  Formula was super easy to work with and it was opaque in 2 easy coats. Because of the blue shimmer, it appears a little more cool toned in pictures than in real life, but I would say it is a true purple, not too warm or cool toned. I've been a purple shimmer fiend since the very beginning of my polish obsession, and this one is a stunner! It really just glows and the blue shimmer almost makes it look like a duochrome polish in certain lights. It's a really bright, saturated purple that is pretty much all that you could ask for if you are a purple shimmer lover. Based on the name, I'm assuming this polish was inspired by the gorgeous purple that the sky turns as the sun is setting in the summer. It's one of nature's glorious marvels, and what a pretty tribute to it!

*Edit: I did go back and color adjust these pictures just a smidge to make the color more true to life. My original pictures were a little more blue-toned than real life.*

(Light Box)

(Natural Light)


A Box, Indied is available from Llarowe for $50 each. Each box contains 5 polishes and/or products that are exclusive to that box and will not be available individually. You can sign up to receive a box each month or you can purchase the boxes individually when they are released. Follow Llarowe's Facebook page for announcements of exact dates and times of releases (the box for the next month is usually released around the end of the previous month.) She will also give previews of the products and makers that will be in the box (there is a rotation of makers that are included, it isn't always the same). Thanks for looking everyone!

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