Wednesday, June 3, 2015

FingerPaints Tie-Dye Revolution Collection

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Today I have a new limited edition collection from FingerPaints for the summer. The Tie-Dye Revolution Collection consists of 5 fun creme polishes in bright colors which are perfect for summery nail art. I've got swatches of all 5 of them today, plus some super easy nail art that anyone could do with them. These are on sale now exclusively at Sally Beauty Supply.

Peace, Love, and Green is a medium green crelly. This one is definitely the oddball of the bunch because the rest are true cremes, but this one has a squishy crelly formula. It starts off sheer, but builds up nicely in 3 coats with only slight visible nail line. This is definitely a fun, grassy green but I sort of wish it had the sold creme formula like the rest of the collection so that it could be more easily utilized in nail art (because, as you will see, it didn't show up well in my nail art).

Be Hippy is a bright blue creme. Formula was extremely nice on this one and was perfectly opaque in 2 coats. This is my favorite FAVORITE of the bunch. This polish is the epitome of a "blue raspberry" color. It's actually a bit deeper/more saturated in real life than it photographs. I thought this might be a dupe of FingerPaints Inkblot Blue, but it's actually a brighter blue than that one (and it's from a neon collection).

Tie-Dye Tangerine is a bright orange creme. Once again, a great formula with wonderful opacity in 2 easy coats. This is another favorite for me (which shouldn't come as a surprise because I love orange). I feel like this is a summery carrot orange color, and it's just lovely.

Yellow Out Man is a bright yellow creme. Formula on this one was excellent for a yellow, with complete coverage in 3 thin coats, though I really think if I had been more careful that 2 coats would have been just fine. It didn't have the horrible streaking tendencies that some yellows have, so I really thought that was a great. It still hasn't passed my favorite yellow creme (OPI I Just Can't Cope-acabana) but I think it might be a close second.

Far Out Fuchsia is a warm medium pink creme. This is another great formula with complete coverage in 2 easy coats. I guess when I think of fuchsia, I think of a more purple-leaning pink but a cursory Google image search showed me that apparently fuchsia can be an entire spectrum of pinks, so I guess it's just not what "I" think of when I think of fuchsia. It's a pretty pink for sure, but probably the polish that excites me the least in the collection.

Finally, I decided to do some nail art with all of these cremes (since the collection IS inspired by tie dye), so I used a fan brush and brushed on all of the colors over a white base (Pahlish The White Tree, which is a white crelly with grey flecked shimmer). I did this look in about 5 minutes and it just involved streaking the color over the nail with the fan brush (and as you can see I alternated sides when I was doing my brushstrokes). I thought it ended up looking "artistic" and fun, so I guess that is in line with the theme of the collection. :)

FingerPaints polishes are exclusively available from Sally Beauty Supply and the Tie-Dye Revolution Collection should be in stores and online now. Thanks for looking everyone!

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