Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hare Polish Archipelago 2.0

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Hi everyone! Hare Polish has recently reformulated an old favorite from their very first collection! The original Archipelago was one of the first indies I ever purchased (back when Nikole just had a collection of 4 polish including Bisbee, A Positive, Pegasus, and Archipelago on her Etsy) and now after people have been begging for a reboot of this polish for years, Nikole has made an updated version called Archipelago 2.0. Now just to be clear, this is definitely not a dupe of the original (and I have a comparison at the end of the post), but I feel like it really captures the spirit of the original and puts an updated twist on it.

Arichipelago 2.0 is a navy jelly base filled copper hexes and squares as well as copper flake shimmer. The formula on this one was really nice for a jelly and it reached opacity in 2 medium coats. Application was good with good glitter distribution and I used 1 coat of a thicker topcoat (KBShimmer Clearly On Top) to get a smooth finish. I'm really digging the added interest of the different shaped glitters as well as the shimmer in this one compared to the original. I'm so glad that Nikole decided to re-work this one because I know that the original was always a favorite amongst Hare Polish lovers!

Here are some comparisons of the original version vs the 2.0 version. The base colors are very similar, but the addition of more glitters and the copper flake shimmer make the 2.0 version appear slightly dustier in photos. The base of the new version is more opaque also. As I meantioned above, I really like the glitter density in the new version and the added shimmer. This brings back so many memories...of when I didn't know what Etsy was and I visited it for the first time...and when I had never worn glitter polishes...and had less than 10 indies... :O

Original Archipelago (3 coats)

Archipelago 2.0 (2 coats)

Comparison: Original on pointer and ring finger, v2.0 on middle and pinky finger

Hare Polish is available from Nikole's Etsy Shop as well as from several other e-tailers around the world (complete list found here). Be sure to check out Hare's websiteInstagram, and Facebook for updates on new collections and restock info

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