Monday, June 15, 2015

Multichrome Mondays: Sally Hansen Burgundy Orchid and "Kids"

Hi everyone! I'm going to start a new series called Multichrome Mondays where I'm going to compare all of the multichromes in my collection. This is a series that I've had in my mind for about a year now and I've finally gotten swatch sticks that I think work well for it, so off we go! I did use some swatch wheels in this particular segment because my sticks hadn't arrived yet, but I like the way that you can line up the swatch sticks better to show the differences. I have a RIDICULOUS number of duochromes/multichromes in my collection so I figured it might be helpful to you guys for me to show comparisons in my collection. I like to think of my multichromes as "families" and each "family" has a "parent polish" (most of them either Sally Hansen Nail Prisms or Ozotic multichromes), which is the first polish (or at least the first polish that I'm aware of) that has that particular multichrome pigment/shift. These "parent polishes" are, for the most part, long discontinued and hard to find, so we are lucky that indies have been able to acquire these elusive pigments so that we have a shot at owning these gorgeous multichromes. I'm very fortunate to have several of these "parent polishes" in my collection, so I can show you how the predecessors stack up against them. My lists will definitely not be all-inclusive, but feel free to let me know in the comments if there are others that you know of that might fit in these categories and I will look into them to add to the post because I would like these posts to be a helpful resource for those trying to avoid buying dupes. 

Color Shift: Purple/Magenta/Red

Parent Polish: Sally Hansen Burgundy Orchid

Other Polishes Included:
CrowsToes Indian Summer, Polish Me Silly Guilty Pleasure, Nire's Desire Prana, Hits Unconventional, Hits So Unique (Holo)

Other Polishes With This Pigment: piCture pOlish Obsession and Desire (holo)

Base Color: As you can see, Burgundy Orchid, Guilty Pleasure, and Indian Summer all have more purple-leaning bases while Prana, Uncoventional, and So Unique (which is just a holo version of Unconventional) have more reddish base, with the Hits maybe even having a touch of brown too.

Opacity: At 1 coat, you can see that Guilty Pleasure, and the two Hits Polishes are the least opaque, Indian Summer and Burgundy Orchid are middle of the road and Prana is the most opaque.


Now at 3 coats, they are all nice and opaque, which is really good for multichromes! Here you can see where the base color does affect the finished look of these polishes a bit. Also the purple shift is by far the weakest in the Hit Polishes. It almost seems like a blackened purple.
Also, the shimmery bits don't stand out quite as much in Prana, but I bet it is because the base is a bit more opaque. Burgundy Orchid, Guilty Pleasure, and Indian Summer look pretty darn similar at 3 coats, but it seems like Guilty Pleasure is just a touch less vibrant than the other two. 

(shaded lighting)

(brighter lighting)

Here is the yummy color can see it is pretty standard across all of the polishes. 

(shaded lighting)
(brighter lighting)
Here is a full-sun pic which also shows the nuances in color difference as far as the base color (and of course the holo flame in Hits So Unique). Here you can see that Burgundy Orchid, Indian Summer, and Guilty Pleasure are very close, with, again, Guilty Pleasure looking the slightest bit less vibrant in tone.

(full sun)

So in summary: Are they dupes? I think there are some here that are VERY similar. When you look at the "parent polish" Sally Hansen Burgundy Orchid vs the other polishes in the family, CrowsToes Indian Summer and Polish Me Silly Guilty Pleasure get the closest to the original with a slight edge going to Indian Summer because of opacity and the fact that it is ever so slightly more vibrant in color. If you are going for 2 coat opacity, then Prana is a good choice, but I feel like the trade-off with the increased opacity is slightly less shimmer/shiftiness. I feel like the Hits Polishes (which are identical except for the added holo in So Unique) are different enough from the others to not consider them dupes because their brownish-red base color really makes them stand out from the herd and you don't get the really purple side of them shift with them.

So are you a multichrome collector like me? Be sure to let me know if there are others that I should add to my potential "dupe list" in the comments! Thanks for looking everyone!

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