Friday, October 3, 2014

Zoya Veruschka and Posh

*Purchased by Me*

Hi everyone! Since Zoya announced that they are going to re-release their Matte Velvet Collection in a few weeks, I thought I would swatch the two that I do own for you guys. These polishes are really stunning, and I'm very excited to have the chance to complete my collection! As you can see, the pair that I have would be ideal for a Christmas mani!

Veruschka is an emerald shimmer with a matte finish. Formula was really nice and easy to work with. I used 2 coats for this mani. I have pictures of it without topcoat and with topcoat. It is meant to be worn in its matte state, but it also looks crazy amazing with topcoat added.

Without Topcoat

With Topcoat

Posh is a red shimmer with a matte finish. Formula was identical to Veruschka and it also looks great with and without topcoat. I used 2 coats for this mani. This one just glows with topcoat!

Without Topcoat

With Topcoat

Zoya Posh and Veruschka, along with the rest of the Matte Velvet Collection, will be be available for pre-order on soon! These will only be available for a limited time, so be sure to grab them while you can!

Zoya polishes are available at and other retailers that carry Zoya polishes. Be sure to follow Zoya on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for updates on new collections and deals. 

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