Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Elevation Polish Arabian Sea 2

*Purchased by Me*

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't posted the past few days, I've had a bit of blogging burnout. I recently slayed a longtime lemming when Llarowe restocked their Elevation Polish Llarowe Exclusives. I picked up Malaspina Glacier and Arabian Sea 2, and I immediately had to put on Arabian Sea 2.

Arabian Sea 2 is an aqua-mint creme with gold flakes and golden microshimmer and blue microshimmer. The color is absolute perfection! I pretty much buy ALL OF THE seafoam/aqua-green/minty greens that come out, but this one is really a special one. I feel like it might have a smidge more of a greenish tinge to it in real life (it seemed to be brought out more by the gold stamping in the bottom pictures). The shimmer is subtle but striking. Formula was very nice (per usual with Elevation Polish) and I used 3 thin coats for this mani. Gah, I've waited ages for this polish and it did not disappoint!

Then, to keep with the sea theme, I stamped it with MoYou-London Sailor plate 05 and China Glaze 2030. Totally out of season...but I love it!

Elevation Polish is available from creator Lulu's Big Cartel Store. She has a lot of info on restock dates and availability on the Big Cartel site as well as on her blog. Her shop is restocked on the 7th and 22nd each month unless otherwise noted. Elevation Polish is also stocked at Llarowe (and note that Arabian Sea 2 is a Llarowe exclusive polish). 

Thanks for looking everyone!

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