Thursday, October 2, 2014

Literary Lacquers Spam

*Purchased by Me*

Hi everyone! I recently made my first purchase from Literary Lacquers and all I can say is...why did I wait so long? If you have never checked out their shop, all of the polishes are inspired by works of literature that creator Amy loves, and they are just stunning!

Love You Forever is a creamy sky blue linear holo. This polish is so dreamy and smooth! The formula was fantastic and was perfectly opaque in 3 thin coats. The color of blue is so gorgeous and soothing, just perfect in my opinion. I was actually sent this polish by mistake instead of Everything You Love, but I contacted Amy and she immediately got Everything You Love in the post for me and told me to keep this one. A very happy accident for me, because this polish is gorgeous! (and also, talk about fab customer service!)

Love You Forever reminds me a lot of one of my favorite polishes ever, Enchanted Polish Water for Unicorns, so I did a little comparison for you guys. It isn't a dupe, but it is close enough to satisfy an almost impossible lemming (and it is more holo and has a dreamy formula to boot!).

Strong Steady Hand is a coral linear holo filled with holographic microglitter. This polish is SO SPARKLY! Gah, I loved wearing it so much! Formula was super nice and was perfect at 3 thin coats. The glitters were surprisingly not topcoat hungry, and were perfectly smooth after just one coat of topcoat (I used Darling Diva Polish Pryzmatic Performance Enhancing Topcoat).

To Blossom is a deep rosy-pink linear holo with holographic glitter. The finish of this one is very similar to Strong Steady Hand and it is super sparkly. Formula was great and I used 3 thin coats for this mani. This polish was a limited edition that was released for Amy's birthday this year and is no longer available. I'm so glad I was able to grab this while it was available!

Everything You Love is a warm smoky purple linear holo with a pink flash. Formula was smooth and lovely and completely opaque in 3 thin coats.The color of this one is really sophisticated and unique in my holo collection. I really love it!

More Like Fire Than Light is a juicy orange linear holo. Formula was great and I got full coverage with 3 thin coats. This polish is to die for if you are an orange lover. Just a perfect orange holo!

Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster is a bright turquoise linear holo with holographic glitter added. The glitter in PGGB is more scattered than Strong Stead Hand and To Blossom and creates a nice glowing effect. Formula was very nice and I used 3 thin coats here. I know this is one of the favorites among Literary Lacquer fans, and I can totally see why! It's a beauty for sure!

Literary Lacquers can be purchased from their Etsy Shop. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates on restocks and new collections (and of course to see lots of pretty swatches!).

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