Thursday, March 6, 2014

Maybelline Nighttime Noise

Hi everyone! You might have noticed that I've been pulling out some older releases and department store polishes to post lately. I feel like I post indies indies indies all the time and I have so much more in my stash to share, so I want to diversify my content a bit. I also feel like I sometime ignore drugstore polishes, so I'm going to be posting more of those as well. Some of my favorite polishes are actually drugstore polishes, so don't ever think I don't love them. Pure Ice Heartbreaker, all of the LA Girl holos, and Sinful Hottie are some of my favorite polishes in my collection. Hopefully this will give you guys a break from the indie polishes and show you some things you can pick up when you are out and about!

I found a display of the Maybelline Color Show Street Art Collection at Rite Aid recently and I just loved the graphic look of them. I only picked up one to give it a try, but after using it I am definitely going back to pick up a few more of them. My pick was Nighttime Noise, a mixture of matte black and bright blue glitters in a clear base. I feel like this polish utilizes bar glitter in the most perfect way. It really accents the polish instead of taking it over, as I have seen bar glitter do in some polishes. I used 2 coats of Nighttime Noise over American Apparel Factory Grey. The formula was really great with good glitter payoff and even distribution without being too thick. It was almost good at one coat, but I decided to add a light second coat for just a bit more glitter. Isn't the final look striking?

To see all 5 shades from the Maybelline Color Show Street Art Collection, visit Maybelline's official site. I have seen displays for this collection around at different places, but I bought mine at Rite Aid for $3.99. Thanks for looking everyone!


  1. Wow - Nighttime Noise is super pretty! I'll have to give it a second look!

    1. Isn't it nice! It has caused me to go back and give the entire collection a second look. I do believe I will be picking up a few more of them!

  2. I just wore one of the LA Girl holo's recently; they are awesome polishes!