Monday, February 17, 2014

Nail Art Featuring Zoya Rue and Born Pretty Store Rose Water Decals

Hi everyone! I saw these rose water decals from Born Pretty Store ages ago on The Nailasaurus and I finally got them. They are so elegant. What is really nice about them is that a portion of the petals is colored and the rest is clear so your base color shines through and really helps these decals to seamlessly blend into your mani. I started off with a base of Zoya Rue (from the recent Naturel release) and added decals to two fingers. On the other two fingers, I used a make-up sponge to create an simple distressed look by sponging on a bit of Zoya Odette (also from the Naturel collection) and China Glaze Purr-fect Plum over my base color. And if you notice what looks like a bit of shimmer on the roses, it is from some shimmery gunk that I guess was on my topcoat brush. It wasn't very noticable in real life, but it showed up in pictures.

Here is Zoya Rue on its own. It is very flattering with my skintone and my kind of "nude" because pinky nudes are pretty much what work for me. I love its description from Zoya as a "boudoir blush creme". I would call it a rose toned nude. The formula was very nice and provided full, even coverage at 2 coats.

You can find the Rose decals at Born Pretty Store here. It appears that they are on sale right now for $0.88 so that is a deal! They offer free worldwide shipping, so if you are on the hunt for some nail art supplies, check them out.

I purchased Zoya Rue from and I was excited to receive a full-sized Zoya Odette in my Ipsy Glam bag this month. I'm really enjoying my Ipsy subscription much more than Birchbox so far. More full-sized and more useful items have been coming, so I think that it's a better deal.

Thanks for looking everyone!

*Products purchased by me*

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