Tuesday, February 11, 2014

China Glaze Strawberry Fields

Hi everyone! Today I have another old favorite for you. China Glaze Strawberry Fields seems to be one of the polishes that everyone tells you to get when you inquire about China Glaze "must haves". It's part of the core line so it is an easily accesible and inexpensive polish. It also showcases one of the things that China Glaze does best: glass flecks. The warm pink with contrasting golden glassflecks is just perfection. Formula is great too, only requiring 2 coats for full opacity.

There is a reason this is a China Glaze classic! I think it is one that everyone should own if you are a pink lover because it is gorgeous and classic. Thanks for looking everyone!


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  2. Eeeee this is so pretty, I've always lusted after Strawberry Fields but thought it was discontinued for some reason! You wouldn't happen to have Zoya Kimber or Elke to compare it against now would you?

    1. I do have Kimber and I think I decided to put it in my purge box because they were similar. Here is a comp by All You Desire that I found. They are similar, but not dupes. http://www.all-you-desire.com/2012/04/zoya-kimber-versus-china-glaze.html