Sunday, November 24, 2013

Darling Diva Polish Opal Collection

Hi everyone! Today I have swatches of the Darling Diva Polish Opal Collection to share with you. These polishes are all jelly bases with flakies, color shifting glitters, and tiny holo sparks throughout. The formula was pretty similar for all of the polishes. The abundance of flakies and glitters in the bases make the formula on the thicker side (pretty much on par with other jelly flakies I have tried...and I have A LOT!) so be aware of that when applying. The payoff is totally worth it with multiple coats because you get wonderful, sparkling depth. I used 3 coats alone for all of the polishes except for two. Blue Opal is a pale, milky jelly so I chose to layer 2 coats over a light blue creme and of course for Opal which a clear based topper, I layered it over a mint green creme and a vampy berry to show how it looks over light and dark bases. 

Black Opal (3 coats)

Blue Opal (2 coats over Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream)

Rose Opal (3 coats)

Sea Moss Opal (3 coats)

Teal Opal (3 coats)

Violet Opal (3 coats)

Opal (2 coats over American Apparel Office) - This polish is the only one with a different formula. the formula is much thinner and will spread easily over the base color of your choice. It doesn't pop a lot in the picture, but I absolutely adore this over the mint green. It looks fresh and ethereal.

And here is Opal over a darker color so you can see how it pops in comparison to when it is over the lighter color. Actually, looking back at it, it was really nice at one coat over the darker color.

2 coats of Opal over American Apparel Office (pointer, pinkie),
2 coats Opal over American Apparel Berry (middle, ring)

I think this collection is a winner! If you love jelly flakies, I think you should definitely pick up a few of them. The flakies are a little different from other flakies that I own and I love the addition of the glitters as they add extra depth. My favorites would have to be Sea Moss Opal, Rose Opal, and Teal Opal. Also...of course...if you just want to OPAL ALL THE sure to pick up Opal and you can layer it over whatever color you choose!

Darling Diva Polish is available from creator Carrie's Big Cartel Shop as well as from Llarowe. The Opal Collection is now available, so be sure to check them out. Follow Darling Diva Polish on Facebook  for updates on new collections and restock news. Thanks for looking everyone!

*Polishes provided for my honest review*

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