Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cupcake Frosting Nails. Just Because.

Ever get in the mood to do something super girly...and perhaps fit for a birthday party...for absolutely no reason? Happened to me. I rarely ever do stuff like this, but I was like...ooh...pastel pink and rainbow glitter...YES! I think I was longing for that OPI Breast Cancer Awareness polish from this year that I never found anywhere, so this idea was born. I used a base of American Apparel Coney Island (which is pretty, but the formula was streaky) and then I used Sephora by OPI Spark-tacular Topcoat on top. I will have to say...of the plethora of rainbow glitters that I have seen, Spark-tacular Topcoat is my absolute favorite. I think that the glitters are all perfectly sized (I like that a lot are smaller glitters) and there is also just enough silver glitter mixed in which I think tones it down enough that it looks lovely with pastels.

And then...I had to matte it...

Really though, if you are still looking for that perfect rainbow glitter, I highly suggest snapping up Sephora by OPI Spark-tacular Topcoat before it disappears forever. My second favorite is Confetti Tasmanian Devil so if you see that one at Rite Aid, it is also a good choice. I think the extra silver in those polishes is what makes me like them more than others. Do you have a favorite rainbow glitter? 

Thanks for looking everyone!


  1. Love it! I super like the color and the glitters on it. A must try indeed!!