Friday, April 5, 2013

Some New Darling Diva Polish Swatches

I recently received a few of Darling Diva Polish's newer polishes to review, so I have them here for you today. Creator Carrie has a really broad range of polishes to choose from including glitter topcoats, jelly glitters, holographic polishes, and some holographic and color shifting topcoats, so there is something for everyone in her shop. 

Call the Doctor. This is a glitter topcoat filled with fuchsia, pink, black, and white circle glitters in different sizes. The larger fuchsia glitters are also holo. There is also fine iridescent glitter in the base as well. this is 1 dabbed coat over Illamasqua Stance. The dabbing was mainly to place the larger circle glitters how I wanted them.

Thunderstruck. This is part of the Back in Black collection and it is black jelly polish with different sizes of holographic silver glitter. This jelly base is formulated very well and goes on smoothly. This swatch is 3 thin(ish) coats. 

TNT. This is another polish from the Back in Black collection and it is a black jelly polish with fine red-green color shifting glitter. It is a very glowy and wonderful. The formula on this one is also very nice and was good with 2 coats. 

Polish Junkie. This is one of 3 new holographic/color shifting topcoats that are available. This polishes have a complex holographic base (creator Carrie uses several grades of holographic pigment) and it shifts from a seafoam green to a soft turquoise. The shift is hard to capture on camera, but you can see it somewhat in my pictures. I used 2 coats over black for these swatches. 

Cray Cray. This polish is another holographic/color shifting topcoat. It has a finer texture than Polish Junkie and it has a gorgeous violet/blue flash. I used 1 coat over black for these swatches. The color shift is stronger in this polish than in Polish Junkie and it is MUCH more apparent in real life than pictures show. 

I also wore Cray Cray at one thin coat over Revlon Royal. I really loved it layered over blue.

Darling Diva Polish is available at creator Carrie's Etsy Shop as well as at Llarowe. Thanks for looking everyone!

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  1. I loveee the all black one! It looks super cool and different, reminds me of space haha