Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Oopsie Daisies Flora and Fauna Collection

You guys should know by now that I am an Oopsie Daisies fan, so I was excited when Cathryn sent me her latest collection to review. Her spring collection was inspired by nature and aptly named Flora and Fauna. I love how she created very literal representations of her nature inspirations in this collection.

Bluebird. Taking a cue from the texture trend that is going on right now in the nail polish world, Bluebird not only has the coloring of bird's egg, but also the texture. I think this polish is very cool! is one of the very few "textured" polishes that I don't mind wearing because the texture is so slight. The finish on it is satiny, not shiny. First I did three coats with no topcoat. It looks very organic like this.

For fun, I wanted to see what this polish would look like fully matte, so I added a coat of Essie Matte About You. I ADORE the way it looks matte!

And also, if you want, you can definitely wear it with topcoat. I love the way the little copper flecks in the polish look with topcoat added. 

Fawn. This is a brown jelly with brown, white, and caramel colored glitters to represent the spots on a fawn. This polish is perfect for its namesake. I decided to layer 2 coats over China Glaze Fois Gras, but this really didn't affect the color of the polish (it was pretty opaque at two coats). 

Cherry Blossoms. This polish has white and iridescent glitters as well as soft pink, flower shaped glitters  in a clear base. It is "slightly" tinted pink, but it is not really noticeable on the nail so you can layer it over most any color without it being noticeable. I did do some dabbing to get the flower glitters placed where I wanted them, but I think that is par for the course with shaped glitters like this. I did not, however, have to fish for them too much. They came out very easily. Also, for this polish as well as Pick More Daisies (which is coming up in this post), Cathryn includes and extra mini bag of flower glitter with the polish so you can add more if you desire (although I didn't have to do this at all). 

First, 1 dabbed coat over OPI Thanks a Windmillion.

Next, I layered 1 dabbed coat over a darker base to show off the color shifting glitters. I used China Glaze Purr-fect Plum as a base. 

Ladybug. This polish has a pink-leaning red jelly base with red and black glitters as well as a slight silver shimmer. For the first swatch, I used 3 coats of Ladybug alone. 

Next I layered 2 coats over American Apparel Port. I thought this combo looked interesting and really made the red glitters pop.

Pick More Daisies. This is a reformulated version of a previous Oopsie Daisies polish that she included in her spring collection. This polish has a bright green jelly base with white, green and yellow glitter as well as yellow daisy glitter. I adore the composition of the base of this polish. The glitter mix is just right and the color is gorgeous. I decided to layer 2 coats over New York Summer Hot Green, which was almost a perfect match for the base color. 

Oopsie Daisies' Flora and Fauna collection is available now in creator Cathryn's Etsy Shop. Check it out, along with all of her other creations. Thanks for looking everyone! 


  1. I love Bluebird, Fawn and Ladybug so much! Gahh these are adorable(: Great nail colors!!


  2. These are really pretty! I am liking Cherry Blossoms and Pick More Daisies the most.

  3. They all look great but Bluebird matte is my fave!

  4. LOVE THEM ALL!!! I can't even decide which one I like more.