Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy Hands Illusions, Michael over L.A. Girl Electric Coral

So...I'm sort of late to the party, but I just started watching Arrested Development on Netflix. I'm on season 2 now and I'm kicking myself for waiting so long to watch it. I finally GET what everyone is always talking about. And I finally GET the names of the Happy Hands I've Made a Huge Mistake collection. After Kristi, the maker of Happy Hands, re-released this collection I had to grab a few. I actually ordered OPI A Roll in the Hague because I loved Samarium's combo with it and Illusions, Michael, but I just happened to be wearing L.A. Girl Electric Coral when my package arrived. It was a match made in heaven. 

Illusions, Michael has red, orange, and gold glitters as well as gold star glitters in a clear base. It was inspired by Michael's brother Gob, a wannabe magician who is constantly trying to wow everyone with his "illusions" (not tricks). This is 1 coat over L.A. Girl Electric Coral. The stars come out quite easily, but I did place them a bit because I wanted them on the flattest part of my nail. 

Here is L.A. Girl Electric Coral, from the 3-D Effects Collection, on its own. It is just gorgeous! It is juicy and jelly with holo bits floating around. I would definitely recommend picking this one up (as well as any of the polishes from this collection.)

Happy Hands Polishes are available from Kristi's Etsy Shop or her Big Cartel Shop. For international customers, Happy Hands polishes are also available from Harlow & Co., Mei Mei's Signatures, and Femme Fatale Cosmetics. I buy L.A. Girl polishes either from Rite Aid or online from Cherry Culture


  1. YESSSSS, now you know my obsession lol. Season two is probably my fav but only by a slim margin. Also, I love LOVE this combo.

  2. Another great layering combination!