Monday, June 3, 2013

Favorite Oranges/Corals

So, probably a year ago, I wouldn't have had many polishes on this list. Orange was a color that I didn't think would work on me, so I just didn't buy many. I did have a coral or two, but they leaned very much to the pink side of things. Here are a few that I've come to love. Some of them border on red, but to me they are more orange (and my red post is going to be craziness as it is, so I'm putting them here).

Model's Own Hedonist. I'm not sure what you call this color exactly. Neon red? Neon coral? I really don't care what you call it to be honest...all I know is that it is HOT HOT HOT!!

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy (shown here with Lynnderella Connect the Dots). This is THE neon I think of when I think of neons. It was one of the first neons in my collection. It is a neon coral that is eye searing in real life. I will say, the formula (like with many neons) is not the greatest, but to me it is worth it for this one.

Scofflaw Nail Varnish David Bowie's Bulge. This bright coral polish is one I almost didn't get when I was placing my Scofflaw order, but it is one of my absolute favorites! The turquoise works so perfectly with the coral here. 

Julie G Sugar Rush. This polish is one of my stand outs in the "textured" category...but with heaps of topcoat added. I could not stop gawking at the amazing shimmer that came out when I slapped on some Gelous. It looks pretty cool with no topcoat as well...but the topcoated version is amazing.

(with topcoat)

(without topcoat)

Pahlish Anticipating and Pacing. Wow. This polish is just stunning. The shimmer is to die for. 

Quo by Orly Orange Pop. Bright orange crelly. Very summery and almost neon in some lights. 

Essence Get Up! I mainly use this one for nail art. It is a true orange. As orangey orange as you can get. 

Lynnderella Cauldron Drippings (over Essence Get Up!) This is the only (mostly) orange glitterbomb that I own so far. It is very orange and very Halloweeny, for sure. 

China Glaze Riveting. This was the orange that made me decide I could "do" orange. I adore it. It is perfect. 

OPI DS Luxurious. This is definitely a kissing cousin to China Glaze Riveting. I probably don't need both but gah they are so pretty!!

OPI DS Couture. Coral holo. So nice. Need I say more?

American Apparel Poppy. Once again...I'm not sure what color this is. In some lights it looks totally red (like in this picture) and other lights it looks totally orange. I really adore it and and it has a fantastic formula to boot. 

OPI Y'all Come Back, Ya Hear? This is a perfectly squishy jelly that I adore. And perfect for jelly sandwiches too (as you will see in my second pic with Icing Tiger's Blood). 

Layla Coral Glam. So...this isn't really coral...except for the name...but I still love it. 

Nail Pattern Boldness Seppuku (With a Frisbee) -1 coat over Zoya Heidi. Gorgeous matte glitter!

Zoya Heidi. This was one of my very first orangey corals and I remember I almost swapped it away because I didn't think I could pull it off. I was disappointed when my Zoya order came because I wanted it to be more of a pinky coral. I'm glad I rescued it from swap purgatory because now it is my favorite coral creme. 

Now, if I'm being honest with you, this is MOST of my orange/coral stash. Why do all of these make the list? I have to say, since orange is a color that I have historically been more leery of, I've been very careful when adding them to my stash and have only kept those that I REALLY love and think work for me. Therefore, I think it is a portion of my stash that is really culled down to only the gems.  


  1. Why you make me buy ALL the things! Seriously, I have a couple (and want a few) from this post because of you :-)

  2. those are some seriously pretty polishes! i need at least half of them, NOW!