Monday, July 30, 2012

Enchanted Polish Awesomeness

Today I have a gorgeous purple holographic polish for you guys from Enchanted Polish. I had seen swatches of Awesomeness and me (being a purple AND holo hoor) had to get my paws on it before it was discontinued. When I got it in the mail, at first I was a little disappointed. I expected a BAM in your face holo effect and that just wasn't what I got. BUT...after getting over that initial disappointment, I really began to appreciate the true beauty of this polish. It is such a rich, deep, pigmented purple...unlike any purple I own (and that is saying a LOT because I have tons of purples!). It is SO purple! It is one of those purples that is so hard to photograph just how purple it is because it freaks the camera out a bit. And the holo effect, while it is more subtle, it really makes the polish glow.

The formula is opaque in 2 coats and is slightly metallic. This purple is just fantastic, and I am so glad that I was able to get it before it was gone!

2 coats of Enchanted Polish Awesomeness

As I said, this polish is now discontinued, but you can buy other polishes from the Enchanted Polish line at Llarowe. If you want to order some of her holographic polishes before they are gone, there are some shades still in stock there, so act quickly!


  1. looks beautiful on you! :)
    I've tip-toeing my way into indies, after the Lynnderella fiasco. I'm waiting for my first Hare currently~ Thank you for sharing this beauty with us.

    1. Thank you! Oh yeah, HARE's are amazing! You will love them! It's all downhill after you get your first indies, though! You will want more and more!