Saturday, August 22, 2015

ILNP Money Bin

*Purchased by Me*

Hi everyone! Today I have a gorgeous polish from ILNP to share with you! Gah, I really wanted to buy pretty much everything that ILNP put out this summer (very much because of Emily from Very Emily being SUCH an enabler), but I somehow narrowed it down to just four of them for the time being. Money Bin IMMEDIATELY spoke to me and I knew it had to be on my "to get" list, and it did not disappoint!

ILNP Money Bin is a warm gold linear holo filled with gold flakies. Even though it is packed with flakies, it it applied very easily and I used 3 thin coats for full coverage. This polish is just blingy to the MAX! If you are a gold lover, I highly recommend picking this baby up. You won't be disappointed!

ILNP is sold on their website. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates on new collections/pre-orders. Thanks for looking everyone!

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