Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My First Indie!

*Nothing to Disclose*

Hi everyone! Today I'm participating in a fun link-up with some other members of the nail community where we are sharing our first indie polish! After a little perusal of my Etsy history, I figured out that my very first indie purchase was from none other than Hare Polish, waaaay back in the summer of 2011. I remember my first purchase from Hare was Archipelago, Bisbee, and Pegasus. At the time I didn't know much about glitters or how to apply them. I also had super short nails and pastels looked horrid on me. For those two reasons, I ended up swapping Pegasus away. Then, as luck would have it, Nikole re-released Pegasus a few years later and a snatched it up again after having swappers regret. So for today's post, I decided to re-visit Pegasus!

Hare Polish Pegasus is a lavender jelly filled with various sizes of silver and white hex glitters. Formula was pretty easy to work with, but I found it worked best to use thin coats so that too much glitter didn't end up on the nail. It looked perfect at 3 thin coats, with 2 coats of topcoat to smooth it out. I must say, I really love the soft ethereal look of Pegasus. It's funny how after a few years a polish I hated on me I now think is really quite flattering!

Be sure to check out what everyone else's first indie polish was! What was you first indie polish purchase? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for looking everyone!

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