Thursday, August 27, 2015

Gradient All the Nails!

*Nothing to Disclose*

Hi everyone! Today I have another link-up with the ladies from Paint All the Nails! This month's theme is gradients, so I chose to do a gradient stamping design. I originally did a holo gradient which I intended to look sunny and bright, but somehow along the way it ended up looking like candy corn. It's still beautiful, but I think I will save that one for closer to Halloween. ;)

For this mani, I started off with a base of Darling Diva Polish Peekablue, which is AMAZING and you need it (nuff said)! It was so mermaidy, that I was inspired to pull out my trusty MoYou-London Sailor plate 05 and I picked out a pretty scalloped/shell design. For my gradient stamping, I used two polishes from a new to me brand, Hit the Bottle. They make super opaque stamping polishes in an array of stunning colors, and for this design I used Green Around the Gills (green) and Blue-tiful (blue) for my mani. Hit the Bottle is an Australian indie brand, but they are available from US e-tailer, Beautometry. I just love how this one turned out! Sometimes my favorite looks happen by chance.

Be sure to check out what all of the other crazy talented ladies are doing for their gradient manis! Thanks for looking everyone!

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