Sunday, August 30, 2015

Falling Into Fall: Flakies!

*Some Items in this post were previously received as press samples*

Hi everyone! I've got another "Falling Into Fall" post to share with you today, and instead of it being a specific brand or collection, this time it's a specific finish that I wanted to share! I love flakies, and I especially love to layer them over dark colors in the fall. The colors show up so vibrantly against dark base colors and make me think of fall leaves. Here are the two manis I have for you today where actually lived up to my ole blog name and did some layering!

Indigo Bananas Earth, Wind, and Fire is a holographic topper that is filled with multicolored iridescent flakies. Formula was very easy to work with and had a great effect at 1 coat over a base color (I used Pretty Serious The Crimson Pearl as my base). This polish is just GLORIOUS! There is so much going on and layering it over the dark base color just makes all of the colors pop out. This is definitely a unique flakie polish in that the flakies are unique...not quite like others that I have seen. Andrea always finds the coolest bits to make polishes with! Earth, Wind, and Fire is part of Indigo Bananas recent Neon, the 10th Element release, and is still available in the Indigo Bananas shop.

Takko Lacquer Dark Paradise has a deep blue jelly base with multicolored iridescent flakies (mostly red, green, and blue). The jelly base seemed pretty sheer to me, so I decided to layer it to really make the flakies pop more (I used 1 coat over Darling Diva Polish Queen of the Night). I've seen other manis where people have worn it on its own and it builds up to opacity, but I really think I prefer it this way. Since these are more classic iridescent flakies, I couldn't resist the urge to matte this mani, and I loved it even more matte. Dark Paradise was Takko Llarowe Exclusive, so I'm not sure if it will be available anymore since Llarowe is no longer a stockist, but Takko's regular line can be purchased in their shop.


What finishes scream fall to you? Do you love flakies for fall too? Thanks for looking everyone!

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