Monday, July 20, 2015

Paint All the Nails Does Floral

*Nothing to Disclose*

Hi everyone! We are taking a week off from Multichrome Mondays because I'm very excited to participate in a link-up today with some of my favorite bloggers for Paint All the Nails Does Floral! <3 No joke...I feel like I'm among celebrities here! Since the theme for this link-up is florals, who better to inspire my nail design today than one of these fellow artists! I've long admired the fabulous free-hand designs that Lindsey at Wondrously Polished creates. I've been intimidated to try them in the past, but I figured that this was the ideal time to give it a go. I used her Vintage Floral design as inspiration for today's manicure, and I'm so completely smitten with how it turned out!

I wanted to pay homage to Lindsey's design, but I decided to use a different color scheme to give the look a slightly different feel (she used pink, teal, and green for hers). I started off with a base of Polish My Life Rays of Sun, a pale buttery yellow creme. For the artwork, I used acrylic paints (I use these acrylic paints for nail art) in orange, and two different shades of blue (I custom mixed the colors a bit to get them the shade I wanted). Freehand art is definitely not my specialty, so this was a challenge! I played around with a dotting tool and detail brush but finally decided that the brush was working better for the design. Roses are so hard for me, I don't know why! They were the most difficult part of the design to make look right. After I finished with the design, I finished it off with a coat of OPI Matte Topcoat which really gave the look the perfect finishing touch. I'm definitely not on Lindsey's level (because she is crazy talented!) but I was very pleased with how my design turned out, especially for a first try! I loved the color scheme felt very much like a vintage fabric. If you want to give this design a try, Lindsey has a tutorial for it on her blog. It's a very free-form design so you can switch it up however you want, but she shows how to create the basic elements of the design step-by-step. 

Be sure to check out what the other ladies have in store for today...I know it is going to be amazing! I'm so excited to see their manis! Thanks for looking everyone!

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