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Great Lakes Lacquer The Friends Collection, Part 1 + ID

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Hi everyone! Today I have a brand spanking new indie brand to introduce you to called Great Lakes Lacquer. The introductory collection, The Friends Collection, Part 1 was inspired by some very special friends in maker Mariah's life. What a great idea for a collection and wonderful source of inspiration! Mariah included some descriptions of the friends that inspired this collection, and they are so thoughtful, so I included them in my post with each polish. The Friends Collection, Part 1 (along with 3 limited edition polishes for July) will all be launching on July 12th at 3 PM EST in the Great Lakes Lacquer shop.

The Quick Witted Comedian is a light-medium teal green with tons of green and silver shimmer, purple/blue flakies, and scattered holo pigment. Formula was very easy to work with on this one with full coverage in 3 thin coats. I love the shimmery goodness going on here and the color combo with the flakies is very mermaid-ish. I feel like I didn't do this one justice because it is too complex for the camera to handle, but trust's divine!
This friend is always punny (see, I can do it too).  She’s always the first to come up with a twisted response or to shed some laughter on the mundane.  She could probably do stand up if she really wanted to but things in life just haven’t rolled that way for her.  Her sunny disposition makes you wonder if maybe the clouds don’t have silver linings after all.  Did I mention she’s as curious as a cat?  Maybe her nine lives are the reason she’s so happy.

Krazzzzie Fast-Fingered Gamer Girl is a turquoise creme with several kinds of violet shimmer. Formula on this one was on the thicker side but still was very easy to spread with excellent coverage in 2 coats. The shimmer is very lovely in bright lights but is more on the hidden side in lower lighting. The color is SO nice and the addition of the sparks of violet is the perfect combination. 
This lady is the one you want on your team when you go raiding on WoW or any other role playing game on the net.  She’s also a good one to have by your side during nail polish restocks, cuz that girl can snatch anything.  She’s also just the sweetest thing on earth (with a bit of attitude on the side) and just a bit shy.  Did I mention pretty nails?  Gosh yes.  Luckily she can deliver the nail polish she enabled you on because she’s krazzie fast.

The Fashion Artist is a blurple creme filled with aqua flecked shimmer that shifts to pink. Formula was super easy to work with will full opacity in 2 easy coats. THIS COLOR IS SO HARD TO PHOTOGRAPH! I tried to color adjust it but it just made it look crazy, but the base color is very VERY similar to Sally Hansen Pacific Blue to give you all a frame of reference. To me it looks blue with some tinges of purple and it photographs brighter than it is in real life. It's such a vibrant and gorgeous color and hands down my favorite of the collection. As soon as I saw it I squealed because it is just one of my favorite shades and then you add the shimmer...unnnffff! So good!
Let me tell you, this lady is an artist.  And she uses her body as her canvas.  From her hair, her nails, down to the clothes she wears.  She’s one of those people that stalk all the Black Milk Clothing releases?  Yeah, leggings are PANTS!  And her hair?  She does these crazy melts that look totally awesome and I wish I could rock.  Besides that, she does mini Picasso’s on her nails.  It’s insane the talent and creativity this lady has.

The Triathlon Trainer is a deep tealy blue jelly filled with tons of shimmer in aqua, green, and gold as well as ultra chrome flakies. Formula is very easy to work with and it has full coverage in 3 coats. It's so such a squishy and amazing jelly and CHECK OUT THAT SHIMMERY GOODNESS! The flakies float around in there are like pretty fish in a pond. I took pics of this one outside in shaded light because that lighting really showcased all of the pretty going on here.
The athletic.  She’s as active as you can get and sometimes, it annoys the crap out of you.  Why can’t I have that kind of energy or drive?  Haha.  This lady runs and walks and runs some more.  But her favorite is swimming.  Her love of water really is apparent.  Her scuba dives are awesome.  She’s even swum with a Whale Shark.  I’m eating my own heart out thinking about it.

The Soul Sister is a described as a red-leaning salmon with a violet flash and scattered holo. Formula was super opaque and great to work with with full coverage in 2 coats. This is a very flattering pinky red and the flash of violet gives it a lot of depth. The holo effect is quite subtle but adds an elegant sparkle to a very classy polish. I did a super sassy stamped look with this one that I will be posting soon (I shared it on my Instagram already if you want a sneak peek!)
She’s the one that you call your wife.  She gets you.  She’s the yin to your yang, the reason to your crazy, the calm to your chaos.  She makes life better by just being her and you miss her all the time when she isn’t around.  Her kids are your kids and vice versa.  Even if life has separated you for awhile, that relationship is there, always there.  Being the rock to my wave, I hope you all have one of these too. 

I mentioned in the intro that there are 3 limited edition polishes that are releasing in July (Big Lake, Sleeping Bear Dunes, and ID), and I do have one of them to share with you today!

ID is mixture of silver and fuchsia holo flakes, neon purple flakes, and red holo microglitter all with a sprinkling of multichrome flakies. This one is really dense and I was able to get full coverage in 2 coats, but 1 coat would have almost done it. Mariah noted that because the testers of this one are a little on the thick side, she is going to thin it a bit before release to make it easier to work with. It was quite thick, but still manageable as it was, but it will be excellent if it's thinned a touch and should easily be opaque in 2 coats. It does dry a bit gritty, so a thicker topcoat is necessary to smooth it out. Once you topcoat this baby, it is blingtastical. You won't be able to stop staring at your nails if you are wearing this.
 Independence Day!  THE American holiday celebrated with family and friends.  And fireworks.  You know those purple fireworks that explode once they’ve already exploded into pink and silver and red?  Those are my favorite.  I tried my best to capture those beautiful explosions in polish to celebrate with you.

So overall, what a fantastic first collection! These were very thoughtfully made polishes with so much attention to detail, right down to the names, so I'm absolutely thrilled to see what Great Lakes Lacquer is going to be doing in the future! Speaking of future...soon I will be sharing some limited editions for August with you as well and they are gorgeous too!

Great Lakes Lacquer is available from their Etsy shop. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram so you can keep up to date on release info. And again, the Friends Collection, Part 1 will be launching on July 12th at 3 PM EST, so be sure to check it out! Thanks for looking everyone!

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