Sunday, May 17, 2015

Pahlish Through the Looking Glass Collection

*Press Samples*

Hi everyone! Today I have the highly anticipated (at least by me!) Pahlish Through the Looking Glass collection to share with you. I saw this as a theme in the "Future Collections" tab on Pahlish's website about a month ago and I was SO flipping excited! Let me tell you, these did not disappoint! This collection consists of 8 brand new Alice in Wonderland-inspired polishes plus a 9th polish that is a bonus extra polish that you will receive for free if you buy the entire set. These launch this tonight (May 17th) at 7 PM CST along with the Golden Afternoon Duo for May that is also in theme with the collection. I previewed the super cute labels for this collection in my post about the May Duo, and I'm still so excited about them!

The Sea is Boiling Hot is a cherry red jelly filled with silver flakes and violet/blue shimmer. Formula on this jelly had a great consistency so it wasn't runny and it had good opacity at 2 coats, but I did 3 coats here for even more depth. I just love these silver flakies in the squishy jelly base and the sparks of purple just put it over the top. Such a stunner (and maybe my favorite Pahlish red to date, and she does some amazing reds).

Painting the Roses Red is an ivory white creme filled with red and warm-toned ultra-chrome flakies and scattered silvery white flakes. Formula was very nice and easy to work with and it built up to opacity in 3 thin coats. This polish really makes me think of a creative and elegant spin on a deck of cards (as in the Queen of Heart's card soldiers) with the red and dark flecks against the ivory base.

Little Bread & Butterflies is a soft neon yellow creme filled with ultra chrome flakies and violet shimmer. Formula was very nice for a yellow creme, especially a yellow with neon pigment. I used 2 coats easy coats below. This was one of my favorites! I like that it's bright but a muted bright. It's just beautiful and unique so if you are a yellow lover it, get it!

We're All Mad Here is a soft violet-purple creme with coppery red flake shimmer. It's slightly more red toned in real life than my pictures are showing. Formula built up nicely and easily on this one in 2 coats. I love the combo of purple and copper SO much and it works perfectly here. You guys probably know how much I love Pahlish's flecked cremes by now, so this collection is just over the top amazing in my book because there are so many nice ones (5 of them...I'm in heaven)!

How Doth the Little Crocodile is a neon fuchsia creme with scattered holo finish. Formula was nice and opaque with this one with full coverage in 2 easy coats. The finish on this one (and 10/6, which is up next) is very creamy with sheen of holo sparkle, so it's not an over-the-top holo effect, just a subtle shimmery one. This color is so bright and perfect for summer!

10/6 is a bright neon pink creme with a scattered holo finish. Like How Doth the Little Crocodile, this has a creamy opaque formula in 2 coats with the same holographic sheen. This is a very warm and BRIGHT pink so it was giving me camera fits, but I color adjusted it to look as close to real life as I could (but it's not perfect). 10/6 is a reference to the tag on the Mad Hatter's hat. I didn't get it at first, but after I looked it up I was kicking myself for drawing a blank, so I thought I would share with all of you in case you forgot too. :)

Drink Me is a pastel neon blue creme filled with a mix of bronze ultra chrome flakies and blue flake shimmer. Formula was very nice and easy to work with, with full opacity in 2 coats. This is one of my absolutely favorite shades of blue and the contrasting shimmer pairs perfectly. I love the bits of multichrome flakes peeking through the creamy base.

Hello, Goodbye! is an almost white creme tinged with greyish-purple that is filled with a mix of ultrachrome flakes and violet shimmer. Formula was extremely nice on this one and I could almost get away with 2 coats, but I did 3 for good measure. The base of it is just barely tinted, but you can tell it isn't a clean, pure white and it looks fabulous with the multicolored flakes.

Jabberwocky is a clear-based topper that is filled with a mix of ultra chrome flakes and neon yellow glitters accented with neon yellow daisy glitters and iridescent glitters. This is the bonus polish that comes exclusively free with purchase of the entire Through the Looking Glass Collection. For this swatch I used 2 coats over How Doth the Little Crocodile. The formula spreads smoothly and easily and the daisies come out of the bottle easily for an accented look (not too many come out at a time, which I personally like so for this mani I just had one on my thumbnail and one of my index nail). You could layer this over a variety of base colors and it would look awesome (I've seen it over black by Ida Nails It and white by @lacquerloon and they both looked gorgeous!).

Pahlish is available from Pahlish's Big Cartel ShopBe sure to follow Pahlish on Facebook and on their blog for details about restocks (they are Sundays at 7 pm CST) and new polishes. Pahlish is also available from LlaroweRainbow Connection, and Edgy Polish.

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